A Baker’s Niche – Tips & Tricks in the Kitchen

Ever had a question on whether or not you should refrigerate your dough or how to store your finished product once it’s all baked & done? Below are just a few tips & trips I share for maneuvering in the kitchen.

Saran wrap dough: After I am done mixing the dough well enough, I wrap it inside the Saran wrap & refrigerate the dough overnight (see below). I find that this makes it easier for me to store multiple things in the bowl as well as makes it clean & easier to work with. Other alternatives are wax paper & parchment paper. Others also use paper towel. Although I feel these allow the dough to dry out, it make be more environmentally friendly. If you are trying to be environmentally conscious & reduce your carbon footprint, there is the alternative of beeswax wraps (aka Abeego flats), which are reusable bowl covers made from hemp & cotton fabric infused with a blend of beeswax & plant extracts. This particular coating makes the wraps fluid-resistant & easy to clean. This waxy coating also makes the fabric stiff & able to be molded to the shape of a bowl. They don’t substitute plastic wrap or aluminum foil to its entirety as you’d wish due to them not being heat resistant & coming in fixed sizes. For the purpose of storing leftovers or refrigerating dough, abeego flats will get the job done.

Refrigerate dough: Chilling cookie dough for a mere 30 minutes will make a difference. Over time, chilling cookie dough produces cookies with darker color & more noticeable flavor. The cooler the dough before going into the oven, the less it will spread. This is a result of the fat solidifying in the mix as well as the sugar absorbing any liquids. When putting the dough to chill, you promote texture change. The chiller the dough is, the more concentrated the sugar which results in a higher percentage of cookies with chewy/crisp (rather than soft/doughy) texture.

Always follow measurements: If you want it to always come out consistently as good as it did the first time, always use your measuring cups & measuring spoons. Even if you feel you can wing it, it’s always best to know for sure it will always be as delicious as the first time. I can’t tell you enough how many times I’ve attempted to wing it myself when making dinner or a baked treat I knew all too well. It turned out either too salty or under seasoned & “ain’t nobody got time for that”.

Add things to make your own: I like to personalize my baking. Anything I can add to make my own. For example, when making brownies from the boxed mix, instead of using water, I use apple juice. Others use dairy, coffee, or soda to replace water. You can also use the juice to substitute processed white sugar. You may use a dollop or two of mayonnaise (doesn’t sound too appeasing, I know) to add to a mix to improve the texture significantly. Adding lemon or orange juice to yellow cake is also another way to make the recipe your own. It adds new favor to the mix if it’s boxed. If the recipe calls for vegetable oil or butter, I use coconut oil. Coconut oil is my go to oil for any baking that I do. Not only is it healthier but when making edibles, it is a better to use coconut oil than butter in my opinion as the coconut oil can sustain the heat better than butter.

Storing product: Generally, putting them in a refrigerator will likely dry out your baked goods as well as putting them under a paper towel. You should always store your baked goods in an airtight container if you want to ensure freshness. This is true for quick breads, snack cakes, cookies & plain cakes like brownies & such. Airtight containers at room temperature or wrapping the items in plastic wrap are the best solutions. I personally do both. If you have a dessert that involves a lot of dairy, such as cheesecake, mousses or desserts with billows of whipped cream – like a trifle – then you must refrigerate. This is also true with baked goods with a filling that is dairy or should be refrigerated to ensure freshness. Some products can stay as fresh as a week to two weeks, depending on how it was originally stored to avoid spoilage. Use your right judgment when putting away baked goods.

Do you have any tips or tricks for around the kitchen? Share with us below what you do to make your life simpler in the kitchen.


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